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You are worthy of…
          EVERY, DAMN, THING! 

What if everything you believed was a Lie?

"You're ugly! Your skin is dirty!"

My eyes burned; my vision clouded over from the tears welling up in my eyes. I will them to stay in place. 


“Why are you here? Nobody wants you. Jim don’t want you. Mommy don’t want you. She just felt sorry for you. She adopted you. Just picked you up from the corner. That’s why you don’t look like any of us!”

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My name is Dr. Naeema and I am so happy we’ve found each other.

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, an entrepreneur, a self-empowerment coach, a podcast host, a speaker, and an author who is obsessed with Skinny Pop popcorn. I am also the little brown girl who grew up in an all-white world invisible and believing a lie. My story of enduring racism, virulent family secrets, and always feeling like the outsider gives me a unique understanding and compassion for people’s struggles with their own sense of worth.
You cannot live to your fullest potential, freely and out loud when you feel caged in and unable to truly express yourself. I know that life. I lived that life. And I freed myself when I finally surrendered to the calling that had been placed on my journey and began to live from my vision not my fears. I believe our purpose beckons us forward and the Universe is always conspiring on our behalf in this pursuit. Reverend Michael Beckwith says, 
“Pain pushes you until your vision pulls you.”  I live by that axiom.

I am deeply passionate about empowering women to experience their own revelation. If you ever looked in the mirror and thought, there must be more than this; then I’m excited we’ve connected. My experiences and formal training enable me to facilitate tough conversations. We will explore identity, remove what holds you back and help you realize that you are worthy of EVERY DAMN THING!

“Worthiness is defined by

the promises that you

keep to yourself.” 

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