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Your Next Transformation Begins Here

Imagine who you’d become if there was nothing to fix. I am so excited you’re here. The world is waiting for you and your organization to bring forth your unique gifts; yet you’re stuck.  I’m on a mission to change that! I share with audiences my unique revelation that caused a cataclysmic shift in who I was & how I was showing up. That metamorphosis makes me a great choice to connect with you and your team to facilitate healing conversations. My talks go beyond the surface so that you can experience true growth and transformation. My audiences leave inspired, ready to take on their challenges and primed to pursue their passions. They are empowered to create a life filled with transformative purpose. 

Take a step toward your next transformation.

Advanced book copies are available here to purchase for events




  • No Health? No Sovereignty! Finding your way back to wellness

  • Let’s get personal: How a LIE transformed me into the best version of myself

  • What If everything you believed was a lie? Reimagining yourself through a new lens
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